Meets science standards for 1st and 2nd grade.

Our sandy shores are a dynamic environment where sand, water, and air are always in motion. The beach reveals evidence of nearly everything that has been washed onto it from both the land and its adjacent ocean. Waves and wind push sediment and drift from the ocean onto beaches. Rocks and minerals tumble down cliffs or travel even farther as they are carried by inland water sources. Human-made debris is left by millions of visitors to the beach, is dumped by boats and ships offshore, or arrives through our storm drains. As waves crash against the shoreline, all these objects are ground into sediments and progressively smoothed and rounded into sand.

All these forces and materials affect the ecology of our sandy shores and the sand we enjoy between our toes when we visit the beach. Students will take a closer look at exactly what goes into sand, identifying the sources, simulating the process of sand production, and recognizing the importance of healthy ecosystems and what we can do for the protection of our sandy shores.

Living in such close proximity to these shorelines poses a problem as we face challenges dealing with sea level rise. From cliff sides, rocky terrain, and long stretches of sandy shore, our presence along the coastline will need to be addressed as we build a climate-smart coastal community.Students will prepare for change through an inter-disciplinary simulation activity for resilient coastal design.

Sorry, no birthday parties are allowed.

Fee: $350 for 2-hour program (1-70 students), $600 for 4-hour program (71-130 students)

Length of Program: Two hours* of instruction, including educational activities in the classroom and interactive learning in and around the ISOpod
*Groups of 1-70 students participate in single 2-hour program; groups of 71-130 students split into two back-to back programs (total of 4 hours)

Times offered: Monday-Friday, 9 am to 5 pm; only one program per day

Distance: Within 25 miles of the Back Bay Science Center, 600 Shellmaker Rd, Newport Beach, CA 92660


  • Level parking area suitable for 30-foot-long truck
  • Electric outlet near parking area with an extension cord
  • Two adult helpers
  • Students divided into groups of approximately 30 each

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