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Want the ISOpod to come to your school or organization?

To view the calendar and reserve a program:

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Number of students Length of program Cost
1 - 70 2 hours $350
71 - 120 4 hours* $600

*Programs for over 60 students are run as two identical back-to-back sessions, with half the students participating in each session. If you prefer to split your large group into single 2-hour programs on two different days, you must make a separate reservation for each day at the full cost of $350 per program.

The ISOpod is also available for educational and outreach events, ideally for schools, scout troops, academic clubs, after-school programs, and environmental groups. The truck is intended for fun academic instruction and is not appropriate for parties. For more information on pricing and availability, please contact tidepools@newportbeachca.gov.

Are you a Title I school? Through the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), we will offer a limited number of Discovering Estuaries (formerly "Shark Mobile") programs to Title I schools, free of charge. There is no funding assistance for other programs at this time. There is currently a waitlist for this program. All reservations must go through CA Department of Fish & Wildlife. Please call 949.640.9956 or contact Joanne Park at joanne.park@wildlife.ca.gov for more information.

Please explore our website or contact us for more information.

The City of Newport Beach also offers guided tidepool exploration in Corona Del Mar and can be supplemented with the ISOpod onsite. To find out more about tidepool field trips, email tidepools@newportbeachca.gov.