By educating the public about the ecological value of our oceans and watershed, we hope to instill a sense of wonder and inquiry. Our goals are to generate interest in science and conservation to engage the public, tapping into the inspired inner world of a student to explore their natural surroundings, and use these learning experiences and knowledge to have an effect on our future. By raising awareness of our impact on the environment and the delicate ecosystems we recreationally enjoy, we can spread conservation efforts to ensure our oceans, beaches, watershed, and all its resources are well used and cared for.

ISOpod is hitting the road to teach about our oceans and promote stewardship of our environment. So make a splash with science and get a hands-in experience with the ISOpod!

City of Newport Beach Natural Resources Protection and Education Mission:

To build a better citizen—through outreach, education, and service—who will respect and protect our natural resources.