Meets science standards for 3rd and 4th grade.

It’s a tough life living in the ocean, but these animals do it with ease, even without a spine! Comprising over 95% of all the animal species on Earth, invertebrates populate most of our marine habitats. Each and every one of them has special adaptations to help them thrive and survive in the most crowded or most desolate of areas. Students will play the role of our local intertidal invertebrates during a feeding frenzy and detail just how well-adapted they can be to living in the ever-changing rocky intertidal zones. As students scurry along the ‘seafloor’ of the classroom, they will learn what makes invertebrates prime examples of adaptation and develop an appreciation for the amazing animals they can view and touch in the mobile aquaria.

Diving even deeper, students will observe planktonic examples of invertebrates through a microscope as they make important connections to what we cannot see with the naked eye – to what ends up feeding and fueling our marine ecosystems. Seeing how these tiny creatures grow within their environment and the role they play in the ocean ecosystem allows students to gain a better understanding of the importance of protecting this invisible natural resource.

Students have the opportunity to communicate directly with researchers and PhD students conducting studies within our intertidal and subtidal zones. The current research and monitoring of our Marine Protected Areas will be highlighted and students will have the opportunity to conduct a data study of their own, share, and compare their findings with other classrooms.

Sorry, no birthday parties are allowed.

Fee: $350 for 2-hour program (1-70 students), $600 for 4-hour program (71-130 students)

Length of Program: Two hours* of instruction, including educational activities in the classroom and interactive learning in and around the ISOpod
*Groups of 1-70 students participate in single 2-hour program; groups of 71-130 students split into two back-to back programs (total of 4 hours)

Times offered: Monday-Friday, 9 am to 5 pm; only one program per day

Distance: Within 25 miles of the Back Bay Science Center, 600 Shellmaker Rd, Newport Beach, CA 92660


  • Level parking area suitable for 30-foot-long truck
  • Electric outlet near parking area with an extension cord
  • Two adult helpers
  • Students divided into groups of approximately 30 each

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